Saturday, April 19, 2014

42/52 ||||| our week ||||| Our new place

Flat Flat Flat Flat
Pictures of our flat.  The flight was pretty rough on us and our little one.  It's been an insane week with trying to purchase a cotbed (crib that converts into a toddler bed).  We also purchased sheets and a few other household items.  Our credit card doesn't work online here so we have had to do some legwork for getting these items.  Mostly we've been reorganizing our things into the new space.  I will be making dinners this coming week so wish me luck with using the new-to-me kitchen.

I will be taking more photos and uploading things once we get internet in our home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review Glossybox /// March 2014 \\\

Glossybox Glossybox Glossybox Glossybox Glossybox
So I still can't help myself with trying out new subscription boxes.  I mentioned that maybe they aren't for me in a past post but somehow their just too charming of an idea.  I'm bewitched and it feels like a gift from a relative sent to you in the mail.   Who doesn't love getting mail?  The issue is that they don't really know me and when I end up with things I didn't really want I'm reminded that I actually paid for it.  But with subscription boxes aren't we paying more for the experience than the actual products?  

What was in my Glossybox:
1. Scent 7 Hand Cream (full size) $16.  This stuff smells so good once on and my hands feel super soft.

2. Swan Charm Bangle $28.  I'm a fan of swans but I'm not a bracelet wearer.  I just can't handle anything on my wrists ever.

3. Nails Inc. nail polish $3.  I'm not a huge fan of hot pink usually but I gave it a try.  It's still not for me but I liked that I got outside my comfort zone.

4. Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand $5.  I in no way need this.  My hair is already insanely thick.

5. Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask $26 value.  I'm excited to try this out but haven't had a chance.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Airplane with a Toddler { Things we are flying with }

We have flown twice with our wee one.  Her first flight was at 6 months for a very short flight to Amarillo, TX.  The second was when she was almost 1 to Monterey CA for a dear friend's wedding.  This flight is alot longer so I wanted to prepare goodies in my carry on for our little one.

2. IPOD touch inside a Otterbox case.
3. stickers

We are also bringing a sippy cup to fill up with water.  Wish us luck!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

41/52 |||| Our Week |||||

going to a wedding htc one in our backyard Francis Bacon fussy Vegan Sweet Potato Bread Teruko visits
-My mister and I attended a wedding over the weekend.  I'm always in awe of what people choose to do for their own weddings.  I find each wedding I go to unique and beautiful (like Adrienne & Brandon's or Teruko & Garret's or Natalie & Scot's).  The wedding ceremony was held at 14 pews and the reception was at the Cadillac Bar.  I loved every minute of it and their vows made me tear up.  

-The movers came and went and we are preparing ourselves and our multiple bags for the airport.  

-Francis Bacon will be picked up by our lovely house sitters this Saturday.  We are going to miss him.  

-As a heads up my next week's post may come late.  We may not have internet right away especially for uploading photos.  

{ 1. all dressed up and ready for Tad & Ashley's wedding | 2. The beautiful cupcake/cake at the wedding | 3. in our backyard | 4. Francis Bacon waiting for our little one to drop food on the ground | 
5. Fussypants wanting to go get the mail | 6. Sweet Potato bread I made | 7. Teruko visited :) }

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